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April 1st, 2003, Children's Story Hour
at the Morgantown Public Library,
Morgantown, West Virginia

"April Fools!"

On April 1st, approximately 30 children and their parents received an April Fools Day present when they were told tall tales by the winner of the West Virgina State Liars Contest, Rich Knoblich. A teacher with a slight penchant for exaggeration, Mr. Knoblich explained how his relatives had invented the flush toilet by redirecting a logging chute; how merino sheep, burritos, and XXL silk boxer shorts could send a retired pirate's ship sailing over the mountains of West Virginia, and what a would-be beautician does with no one to practice on but cows. By the end of the evening, the audience had no doubt that Mr. Knoblich must be the State's biggest liar!

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