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Fraternal Order of Police,
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Herndon, VA



Classic Furniture,
Morgantown, WV

Dorsey & Kiger Realtors,
Morgantown, WV

Gianola, Barmum & Wigal, LLC,
Morgantown, WV

The Hunter Foundation,
Norfolk, VA

The Vienna Inn
Vienna, VA

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Shelley A. Marshall
November 16, 1963 ~ September 11, 2001
Accounts of the heroes and victims of September 11th focus on their good qualities, excluding their inevitable frailties and imperfections, and have appeared in such a way as to suggest that we had been walking among angels. These accounts were all true: our wives, friends, and family members did have all that goodness within them, and they were angels... and so are we, if we will only recognize it in ourselves and each other.

My wife, Shelley Marshall, was passionately devoted to me, her children, her family, and her friends. She lived her life with grace, intensity and fire. I saw that fire the moment I met her, at first as a sparkle in her eye, and I was privileged to watch it grow and spread and to be its chief recipient. That fire burned in many places, and her family and friends know and miss the diminishment - but not the disappearance - of its warmth and glow.
don quoteI thought that flame was extinguished on September 11th, but I've come to know that it now burns in a different place, beyond the horizon, and, on occasion - often when I most need it - I see its light reflected in the heavens, I see the sparkle in her eye amidst the stars. Since that day, as I have sifted through the ashes of what was our future, I have come across a spark, an ember, a bit of her fire. I intend to see that ember fanned to flame again. Shelley's name and spirit live on in the charitable events that the Shelley A. Marshall Foundation sponsors.
In the weeks following September 11th, I donated Shelley's retirement savings to the Foundation, and we are using those savings and any donations to create an endowment that will enable the Shelley A. Marshall Foundation to fund charitable causes in perpetuity. From February 2002, when we began our programs, the Foundation has sponsored:

600+ children's story hours for almost 80,000 children and parents at public libraries and schools in Vienna, Virginia (Shelley's hometown); Morgantown, West Virginia (my hometown and Shelley's second hometown); the District of Columbia, Charles County, Maryland; Loudoun County, Virginia; and Jefferson County, West Virginia.

70+ Intergenerational tea parties for more than 3,000 seniors and high school students at nursing homes in Annandale, Virginia; Leesburg, Virginia; La Plata, Maryland; and at two nursing homes in Morgantown, West Virginia (as well as a community center on Smith Island, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay – in January!).

Creative writing contests for students at George Mason University (Shelley's alma mater); Hampden-Sydney College (my alma mater); Oakton High School (Shelley's alma mater), in Vienna, Virginia; Herndon High School, in Herndon, Virginia; Lackey High School, in Pisgah, Maryland; The Douglass School, in Leesburg, Virginia; Morgantown High School (my alma mater) and University High School in Morgantown, West Virginia; and Jefferson High School in Jefferson County, West Virginia. These contests have spurred more than 1,000 individuals to find and harness their powers of observation, imagination, and inspiration; to create from nothing; to sharpen their senses, their ability to draw fine lines and convey subtle shades with words.

Five Summer Art Workshop series for promising High School art students from Oakton High School, Herndon High School, Loudoun County High School, in Leesburg, Virginia, and Monongalia and Jefferson Counties, in West Virginia. The workshops have enabled 60+ talented art students to study and interact with prominent artists from the Washington, DC area, and the Eastern Shore.

The focus of the Foundation's efforts are simple yet significant activities such as these - activities that inspire and enrich the spirit and have a direct impact on peoples' lives, even if that impact is only to cause someone to smile for a time.

Thanks to the generosity of its donors, in 2006, the Foundation was able to significantly expand its activities throughout three states and the District of Columbia. To date, 2007 is becoming a year of unforgettable moments for thousands of children and seniors, and hundreds of high school students and college students. While our programs are free to the participants, they do require funding, and this is where -- if you believe in our cause -- YOU can be part of it. Click here to find out How to Donate.

Thank you for joining us,

Donn Marshall

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