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Pentagon Hero's Foundation Hosts Chari-Tea Party For Seniors
Washington D.C. - On March 17th, at 3:00 p.m., the Shelley A. Marshall Foundation will host its first charitable event in the Washington, D.C. area - a tea party for the residents of the Sleepy Hollow Manor Nursing Home, at 6700 Columbia Pike, in Annandale, Virginia. The Foundation will bring generations together over a cup of tea, as the residents of Sleepy Hollow Manor sit side by side with students from Oakton High School's National Honor Society to taste a variety of exotic teas and treats, and share the kind of conversation that can only be had over tea.

The Shelley A. Marshall Foundation had its beginnings on September 15th, the day after authorities confirmed that Shelley Marshall had perished in the Pentagon. On that day, a grief counselor told Donn Marshall four little words that changed the direction of his life "Give your sorrow meaning." Within days he established the Shelley A. Marshall Foundation, investing Shelley's entire retirement savings in an irrevocable trust to finance activities which mirrored his wife's interests in tea and reading to her children. With the money from Shelley's retirement savings, and donations from friends, family, and well-wishers, the Shelley A. Marshall Foundation is funding children's story hours at public libraries, endowing creative writing contests at colleges and high schools, and hosting quarterly tea parties at nursing homes.

Of all these activities, the tea parties have generated the most interest. The Foundation will throw quarterly tea parties at nursing homes in the Washington Metropolitan area (where Shelley was born and raised) and in Morgantown, West Virginia (Donn's hometown). Members of the National Honor Society at Oakton High School, Shelley's alma mater, have entered into an informal partnership with the Foundation and will be attending the tea parties held in the Washington area.

Many of the teacups used at the tea parties will come with their own stories. Marshall sought donations of teacup and saucers via the Internet and word of mouth. One donor sent him a teacup she had received from a friend who recently died of cancer; another donor is honoring his recently deceased mother by donating one of her antique teacups. Marshall plans to relay these stories to those who use the special teacups. "These donors have hit upon a wonderful way of honoring someone's memory."

Marshall believes the Foundation also will help to keep Shelley's memory alive in her children, Drake (3) and Chandler (2). "Through its activities, Drake and Chandler will know and be touched by their Mother's spirit. Through its activities, Drake, Chandler, and people all over the world will know that Shelley was not a victim of September 11th, but a hero, everyday, in the past, present, and future."

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